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Artwork • Lettere Italiane/Italian Letters

Street modulations

These images are from an exhibition of one of my poems, which I wrote to evoke sense impressions that I had while walking the streets of Siena, Italy. It is composed in my typeface Binario.

The poem was written in Italian and English with the intention for it to be read in any order. The text is dispersed among various panels and hung at irregular depths in the space; similar to the dynamic rhythms of buildings in old cities. This invites the reader to experience the text as an architectural event without an imposed linear reading order; the act of reading becomes a metaphor of walking in a physical space.

These six foot tall panels have been exhibited at various locations; the Art Lab at Clark University, Hammond Gallery at Fitchburg State University, Anderson Gallery at Bridgewater State University, and the Italian-American Cultural Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Street modulations
Sulla strada l’aria profuma di caffè
The smell of coffee on the street

Risata di gioventù
The laughter of children

Camminando sotto gli archi attraverso vicoli stretti
Walking under arches through tight streets

Pensieri che collassano dentro le idee
Ideas collapse into words

La vita scorre veloce
Life goes fast

Anziani sulle sedie—tradizioni
Elders on chairs—tradition

Un gesto e un sorriso
A gesture and a smile

Un motorino passa in velocità
A scooter speeds by

La velocità di vita
The speed of life