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FormPattern in wood


FormPattern is an easy to use set of shapes with endless possibilities. It is excellent for making patterned lines, areas, and frames. Many of the shapes can also be used as letters or can be combined to create them. The density of the patterns can be adjusted with spacing. The glyphs are cut with no side bearings so the shapes will touch and naturally flow into patterns.

Use this font to add visual interest to books, intro marks to chapters, paragraph separators, end marks to articles, patterns for posters, greeting cards, illustrations, invitations, and wrapping paper. The imaginative designer will find no shortage of ways to use this clean modular font.

FormPattern began in sketches while observing geometric patterned mosaics in the cities of Bari and Palermo in the south of Italy. These mosaics were found in Catholic churches, yet their creation was informed by different cultures and spiritual traditions that had influence in Italy over the centuries. They represent not only the intended purposes of the Church, but also due to their connection to the art of Islam they symbolize the beautiful concept of harmony between god, humans, and the infinite expressed in geometry. These ideas are represented through continuous repetitive patterns made possible through underlying structural planning.

FormPattern in wood is made exclusively by Type High in Wales, UK.

Below are some images by letterpress printers who use FormPattern

Hoosier Type Co., Indiana

print of heart made of letters and typographic ornaments letterpress composition of type in heart shape letterpress composition of inked type letterpress print detail of FormPattern glyphs

The Printer’s Devil, London

black and white moon poster FormPattern ornaments as main image yellow science fiction poster with FormPattern ornaments as main image

Fabio Marangoni, Italy
@_fabiomarangoni Italy

letterpress print of formpattern with hand formpattern letterpress wood type diverse print tests of formpattern hand peeling back print from press type

Robert Moller, UK

letterpress print of formpattern with hand diverse print tests of formpattern

FormPattern is available as a digital font at

Tarallo Design (desktop only)
I Love Typography
Font Bros
Creative Market