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Extensis is an industry leader in font management. They have many products useful to graphic designers and typographers, such as; Universal Type Server, Suitcase Fusion, TeamSync, and Connect Fonts. Tarallo Design is a partner with Extensis and all of our typefaces are now browsable and purchasable through their Extensis Connect Fonts platform. Below is some information from Extensis that explains their excellent font management solutions.

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Extensis Connect

Extensis Connect unites two solutions—font management through Connect Fonts Powered by Suitcase, and digital asset management through Connect Assets—on one flexible desktop and cloud-based platform.

Creative professionals use Extensis Connect to search, find, store, view, organize, manage, and share every font and digital asset quickly and easily, so they can focus on design instead of navigating chaotic workflows.

•Easy to launch—>learn—>use

•Universal access (any team member, any place, any time)

•Suitable for individuals, teams, or agencies

Connect Fonts Powered By Suitcase

Desktop and cloud-based Connect Fonts Powered by Suitcase is a flexible font manager with intuitive search, pairing suggestions, and remote access for instant collaboration.

•Smart tags based on the look and feel of the font make font searching fast, efficient, and intuitive

•Access to the largest crowd-sourced font collection on planet earth provides meaningful—and immediate—pairing suggestions, browsable with the click of a button

•Manage any font, any time—find the perfect foundry agnostic font to fit each project, simultaneously activate it across Adobe creative applications and Sketch, then share it instantly