FontsFormPattern Color Six

Use this font to make lines, borders, patterns, backgrounds, unique bullets, or use it inline within text.

Let your imagination explore the possibilities to combine these geometric shapes. Use letter spacing to connect the shapes in a continuous pattern, or space them apart horizontally. Stack them vertically and control their distance with leading (line spacing). Make fields of pattern and explore layering and opacity for color mixing. FormPattern Color Six takes inspiration from mosaic patterns seen in the south of Italy.

It is easier to use this font to make patterns than to use drawings because you can control the size, color, and spacing from the type menu. It is also an effective way to make web graphics that are responsive with text.

Using it is simple. As you type, forms will appear instead of letters. Each font in this collection is a colored set. The sets are primary, secondary, tertiary, analogous, dark, old world, vintage, greyscale, cool grey, and warm grey. There is a solid font that can be colored in the same way as regular fonts. The color fonts are accessed in the type menu where you would normally find the different weights or italics.

Most design software, such as Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop provide a glyphs palette where you can choose the precise form you want. It can work with the simplest text editors too. However, these may not support the color options.

FormPattern Color Six is a vector-based and fully scalable SVG OpenType format. Color fonts are supported by Photoshop 2017, Illustrator 2018, and QuarkXPress 2018 (and later versions).

FormPattern Color Six has color font siblings; FormPattern Color Two and FormPattern Color Three. It also has a non-colored sibling; FormPattern. The FormPattern families pair well with the Varese font.

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