Poeta is an ornamental font for making patterns and text decoration. It contains floral and nature motifs.

The symbols are versatile enough for simple decoration or festive holiday moods. Designers can use Poeta to make unique lines, borders, backgrounds, or ornamentation within or around text. Try replacing a simple straight line with repeated symbols. Cover an area in a pattern to add visual interest to a design. Use the forms to decorate a chapter title or to mark the end of a magazine article. Replace a letter with a symbol to create a memorable word. Poeta will add visual poetry to any design project.

This font began with sketches of patterns seen in ceramic tiles around Sicily. It is named Poeta because Sicily is an island rich in poetry traditions.

Using this font is simple. Install it and type. Symbols will appear instead of letters. Choose the precise symbols through a software’s glyph palette. Use the type/character menu controls to vary the spacing and density of patterns.

Poeta has a color font sibling; Poeta Color.

Poeta is available for purchase from

Tarallo Design (desktop only)
Font Bros
I Love Typography