FontsVarese Gradient

Varese Gradient is a color font for display, headlines, or large body text. Use it for bold graphic statements or a vintage mood. Its geometric style is inspired by Art Deco and early 1900s European travel posters.

This typeface will set a friendly and light tone while giving messages a unique and memorable feeling.

The gradients transition vertically and come in these sets; color with white, color with black, two colors, chromatic grays, grayscales, and concepts like summer or cappuccino. The font name will indicate its color. The full family includes one regular font. Here is a list of every color font in the family.

The lowercase letterforms are similar to the uppercase, but the lowercase have counterforms. It comes with OpenType features such as alternate glyphs, half-height letters, standard ligatures, and stylistic sets. The fonts are OpenType SVG format and fully scalable.

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Designed in 2023 by Donald Tarallo and Alex Tarallo.

Varese Gradient has siblings, Varese Soft (rounded) and Varese Outlined (color/shadow/outline).

Varese Gradient is available for purchase from

Tarallo Design (single user license/desktop/laptop format only)
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