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Varese Outlined is the perfect font for giving content a retro, dimensional, and playful feel. Use it for headlines or short body text for an optimistic or nostalgic tone. It comes in two variations, outlined and shadow. It has standard uncolored and colored options. Please see the slides to know what each color font is named.

This geometric and modular typeface was inspired by Italian posters of the 1920s and 1930s. Its design playfully explores the boundaries between unity and variety. The blocky characteristics lend it well to tightly composed text either horizontally or vertically.

The lowercase is similar in form to the uppercase, yet many of the lowercase letters have interior spaces (counterforms). It comes with standard ligatures; ff, fi, fl, ffl and three alternate glyphs for number 1.

The color fonts in Varese Outlined are vector-based and in the fully scalable SVG OpenType format. Color fonts are supported by Photoshop 2017, Illustrator and InDesign 2018, and QuarkXPress 2018 (and later versions).

Those who do not want a color font should purchase the files simply named “Regular” and “Outlined”. These will not have any color words in the names.

Varese Outlined has two siblings; Varese and Varese Soft. If you are looking for some ornamentation to add to Varese Outlined, consider my ornamental fonts FormPattern or FormPattern Color Two, Three, or Six.

Varese Outlined is available for purchase from

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